Sports Teams Logos Stir Fan Frenzy, From Miami Dolphins to Atlanta Braves

Happy New Year!

And what else should we talk about but football? It’s America’s pastime and, some say, the new Gospel. Well, that might be carrying it a bit too far.

But what about branding? It’s important, we all know that. It’s about image and…, image…, and… Sales! Take a look at what is being contemplated by the Miami Dolphins. Hey, if it helps them improve their 7-9 record for next year, by all means, change the logo. And, on second thought, if it helps improve the Miami Dolphins’ field performance, what about my Chiefs? At 2-14, maybe changing the logo might bring wins???

Hey Mr. Hunt, does the arrowhead need to point in a different direction?

Enjoy the New Year. May it bring more peace and good for all of us.

Check out the article from BrandChannel posted on January 2 by Mark J. Miller.Miami Dolphins.axd


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